Azienda Comel Prodotti Radiotelecomunicazioni Parma


COM.EL Radiotelecommunications SNC di Badia e Venturini has been active in Parma since 1980 in the professional sector of radiotelecommunication.

The company specializes in professional services in radio telecommunications, can create custom devices according to customer requirements. The company's headquarters is located in a building of over 1,000 m², where there are commercial offices, laboratories and warehouses.

Radio Systems : From design to sale

In addition to the sale of high quality radio and GPS products, COM.EL. SNC designs, manufactures and supplies complete systems for radio voice and data transmissions, data transmissions through telephone carriers (automotive PCs, mobile phones and professional tablets), location, security systems (for example, for Supervisory and Corporate Security Institutes) , customized software, consulting and instruction on ministerial practices and everything necessary for the customer for their communication needs.
Our company designs, supplies, installs and deals directly with the maintenance of networks and radio systems for the following contexts:

  • Emergency Health Services 112
  • Hospitals, Public Assistance / Private Crosses, C.R.I.
  • Pubblic Safety
  • Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security - State Police, Prisons
  • State Forestry Corps
  • Institutional Bodies, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions
  • Civil Protection and various Voluntary Associations
  • Multiservice companies
  • Motorways, Airports, Railways
  • Supervisory Institutes
  • Large, medium and small companies of a national and international level
  • Oil & Gas

COM.EL certifications

COM.EL Radiotelecommunication has been in possession of the Quality System since 2008 in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, EA sector: 19, 28 *. This Quality System is certified and constantly monitored by SGS (SGS Italia S.p.A. - Systems & Services Certification), with the aim of guaranteeing its maintenance.

Also, from 2008 our company also obtained the SOA certification (Qualification Certification for the Execution of Public Works) for the realization of Communication Networks and Data Transmission Systems - Cat. OS19 - Class. III (up to € 1,033,000).

Furthermore, for a long time COM.EL. SNC is accredited by Leonardo S.p.A. (a company active in the defense and security electronics sector, ex Prod.El and Selex) for marketing, installation and maintenance of varied radio systems and networks.

Our company also has the certification of Motorola Partner,one of the most important companies in the world within the electronics industry, for electronic components, applications, integrated circuits, etc.

All the technicians at COM.EL Radiotelecommunications have obtained the certificate to carry out work at height and for the use of third-class personal protection devices (PPE), in addition to the use of platforms for aerial work with truck-mounted, self-propelled arm, self-propelled vertical, articulated and with stabilizers.

COM.EL is certified in compliance with all safety regulations as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008.

Certificazione Selex Es
Certificazione Motorola
Certificazione SGS