Fleet management

  • Send operational missions, messages, orders, information to vehicles and operators in general
  • Acquire information on the progress of work
  • Locate the fleet
  • Manage any rescue requests
  • Reduce the timing of the interventions and automate operations in order to save resources

We develop and implement SW and fleet management devices, supplying customized automotive and tablet computers, highly technological, using both the radio and the cellular carrier, the best technologies.

In fact, our company does not just provide systems and devices, we offer customers solutions for the implementation of customized projects. We have developed, produced, supplied and offered maintenance for systems of many of the 118 Emergency Services (Operating Centres and devices on rescue vehicles) and Supervisory Institutes.

To find out more about the services we offer, please contact the staff at COM.EL Radiotelecommunications, we will rapidly provide you with any information you need.