Analog Radio

The best analog radio devices on the market

COM.EL Radiotelecommunications snc offers its customers the best analog radio devices currently on the market, selected based on decades of experience. In general, analog radios allow communication even using mixed parks, which means between different makes and models of equipment.

We offer many types of analog equipment depending on the customer's needs - we can deal directly with identifying and solving any request quickly. We offer:

  • Radio operating on professional civil bands (use restricted by the release of a regular grant of use by the Ministry)
  • Radio for data transfer / telemetry
  • ATEX radio and accessories
  • Radio operating on Amateur Radio bands
  • Receivers - Scanners
  • Radio operating on the Marina band
  • Radio operating on Aeronautic bands
  • Radio PMR446 (for "free" use)
  • Accessories

Below, you can see the main analog radio brands that we deal with. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the various products. Our company is a point of reference for professional services in the field of radio telecommunications, we have solutions for all needs.