System Assistance and Maintenance

COM.EL Radiotelecommunications assures its customers high-level maintenance services, customizable solutions, with continuous availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The intervention times are quick, the company uses the latest tools and solutions and a large fleet of vehicles, including off-road vehicles, needed to reach impervious sites in all conditions.

For the various systems supplied by COM.EL the maintenance, both ordinary and extraordinary, is managed with warranty interventions or also linked to maintenance contracts, always agreed with customers, based on their needs.

For some types of systems we also offer remote assistance (remote assistance), to sole the issue quickly and with the least possible inconvenience for the customer.

As for the maintenance of systems not made by COM.EL, our technicians provide a preliminary inspection, where they will see the status and characteristics of the system in order to produce a dedicated and targeted evaluation.

In all situations, COM.EL Radiotelecommunications can offer solutions for interventions on call or even under contract.

We offer professional services in the field of radio telecommunications with the ability to offer customized solutions based on the specific needs of each customer.

We know how to quickly solve any problem in a professional and safe way, with the best and most advantageous offer for the customer.

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Product Assistance and Maintenance

Among the possible forms of assistance on products are battery wear, lack of network, electronic faults, hardware repairs and replacements.


The evolution of technology, by law, requires the scrapping and / or replacement of the equipment in use. COM.EL allows, when possible and for certain products / systems / customers, a scrap discount or used withdrawal (based on technology exchange).