Antenna di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

Network Creation

COM.EL creation and installation of radio links

COM.EL Radiotelecommunication is specialized in public emergency radiotelecomunications, security systems, realization and installation of radio-link networks and "stand-alone" radio links. The company designs, provides, installs and maintains networks and radio systems for numerous needs and contexts:

  • Emergency Health Services 112
  • Hospitals, Public Assistance / Private Crosses, C.R.I.
  • Pubblic Safety
  • Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security - State Police, Prisons
  • State Forestry Corps
  • Institutional Bodies, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions
  • Civil Protection and various Voluntary Associations
  • Multiservice companies
  • Motorways, Airports, Railways
  • Supervisory Institutes
  • Large, medium and small companies of a national and international level
  • Oil & Gas

COM.EL boasts considerable know-how and in-depth knowledge of all types of radio-communication systems. The company is a point of reference not only because it provides various constructional and operational solutions, but also 360° services, professional and complete with solutions for consulting, design, production practices, installation, testing, maintenance and after-sale services.

Antenna di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

Experts in Radiotelecommunication

Antenna di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

Structures for Telecommunications

Antenna di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

What are Radio Networks?

Radio networks are repeater bridge systems that provide radio coverage over a defined territory, for fixed equipment, portable and vehicular devices.

COM.EL creates synchronous radio networks (consisting of a series of repeating bridges with isofrequency, which are linked to each other), semi-synchronous (with interconnected stand-alone repeater bridges in IP) or simple stand-alone repeater bridges.

Since 1980, on the professional radio-communications market - years in which communication systems have evolved in a revolutionary way -, COM.EL snc has always expanded its various expertise and related services, constantly working with solutions, keeping with the times and respecting the sector regulations.

COM.EL Radiotelecommunications is a leader nowadays for professional services in the field of radio telecommunications which offers the possibility of creating ad hoc devices based on customer specifications.

In addition to the sale of high quality radio and GPS products, the company designs, manufactures and supplies complete systems for radio voice and data transmissions, data transmission through telephone carriers (automotive PCs, mobile phones and professional tablets), localization, systems for security (for example for security and security companies), customized software, advice and education of ministerial practices and everything necessary for the customer for communication needs.

Contact our staff for any further information on the services and facilities offered by our company, which can be viewed in the Products section of this site.