Sistemi di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

Sale and rental of supports for radio-telecommunications


For around 40 years, since 1980, COM.EL snc has been dealing with the retail sale of radio equipment, from CB (citizen band) to the digital and analog professional civil apparatus, to large synchronized networks and to operating centres.

The proposal of products that the company from Parma offers is wide and complete - a selection of the proposals can be viewed in the Products section of this website. For more information, contact us


Certain emergency events and contexts may require the use of radio terminals or temporary rental locations.

At COM.EL we can offer you, with the rental solution, radio equipment in accordance with occasional requests, for events, fairs, for the temporary realization of a radio system tailored to all varied needs.

For some systems we can apply, with specific guarantees, the “rental operating / service”, that is to say a long-term rental formula which dilutes the required financial commitment over time.


COM.EL Radiotelecomunicazioni has more than 100 stations managed n the local and national context. We can rent premises and infrastructures to house telecommunications equipment and thus offer the necessary territorial coverage that the customer needs.

Our company also has a special appendage trolley, specially designed and equipped with radio equipment, pneumatic telescopic piling, antennas and energy autonomy, capable of generating temporary radio coverage in any area,on request and based on the needs of each customer.

Customized Services

COM.EL offers personalized services for:

  • Emergency Health Services 112
  • Hospitals, Public Assistance / Private Crosses, C.R.I.
  • Pubblic Safety
  • Ministry of the Interior - Department of Public Security - State Police, Prisons
  • State Forestry Corps
  • Institutional Bodies, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions
  • Civil Protection and various Voluntary Associations
  • Multiservice companies
  • Motorways, Airports, Railways
  • Supervisory Institutes
  • Large, medium and small companies of a national and international level
  • Oil & Gas
Sistemi di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

360 ° service

starting from the consideration of the specific needs of each customerCOM.EL snc carries out measurements and tests on site, always aware of the phase of the project and that of the execution of the work, also directly dealing with testing and compilation of the concession procedures, offering the customer all the necessary materials, from modular pylons, to towers for telecommunications systems, from radio antennas to remote control systems and so on.

COM.EL Radiotelecommunications is available with solutions for various needs, 360° services, including maintenance services with assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sistemi di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma

ad hoc telecommunication systems

COM.EL snc offers professional solutions in the world of radio and communications telecommunications. We offer "turnkey" services for very different needs:

  • System analysis, propagation measures, design and execution of work
  • Design, supply and installation of radio networks and infrastructures
  • Design, supply and installation of radio remote control systems
  • Design, supply and installation of radiolocation systems, tracking vehicles, calculation and data transmission
  • Design, supply and installation of on-board self-motive / Tablet PC systems - for work management and data transmission
  • Design, supply and installation of management software
  • Compilation and assistance for Ministerial concession procedures
Sistemi di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma Sistemi di radiotelecomunicazione Comel Parma